agust O agustsson

Agust Agustsson: Image maker.

Echoes of the Future

I was born in Iceland, where art and literature have always played a strong part in our culture. Iceland’s powerful nature, stern Lutheran tradition, and ancient sagas permeated my experiences growing up.

“Echoes of the Future” is a photographic series that is informed by my early experiences which addresses cultural and economic issues. Images of abandoned, crumbling and burned husks of deserted buildings represent our current declining Western civilization. The framed vestiges of the past, preserved through art, are imposed upon these dilapidated walls; depictions of classical mythology, epic stories, religious firmaments, and the common, vibrant commerce of a past era. These warehouses and homes, scattered about the American landscape, were all once occupied by people who loved, worked, and created families. Against this abandoned stage, the fragments of our history litter the walls like graffiti, reminding us where we’ve been. As our present becomes history flowing into the past, how will our story be told? Which fragments will endure to echo into the future