Artist Info

If you are an artist that is interested in participating, here is some important information about the process, and the event:

  • Each month Artists are chosen and matched to a Host Venue from the pool of Artists. Participation in one month does not guarantee participation in future months. For the most part, a matched pair of Venue and Artist is only for one month, and the next month there will be a different Artist in a Venue.
  • Visual Artists should have at least 5 works to show
  • Content of works and performances need to be family friendly
  • Chosen Artists will be notified approximately 2 weeks before the event
  • Artists should contact Venues to discuss space available, and any special circumstances that are at that particular Venue
  • Art should be dropped off early in the week of the event, coordinating the time/date with the Venue's contact, and stay for 3 weeks
  • Installation should happen Wednesday through Friday, coordinated with the Venue's contact
  • Not all locations are blank walls to hang art for 3 weeks. In some situations, the art will be outside the front of the venue for just that night
  • Don't assume you can put holes in the walls - plan accordingly. 
  • Artist should provide labels for all art work with Artist contact info, title, medium, date and price, plus a summary price sheet with contact info that potential buyers can take with them
  • If art is sold, Artists should donate a 10% commission to the Oceanside Art Walk
  • Artists should plan to be with their work the night of the event to answer questions and talk to the public

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