Check out VP Karen Huber's letter outlining membership options for upcoming First Friday Art Walks.  We have three membership options and one of them will be right for you.  


If you are an artist interested in participating in First Friday Art Walk, please read this before you register and submit payment. 

  • Each month Artists are chosen and matched to a Host Venue from the pool of Artists. Participation in one month does not guarantee participation in future months. For the most part, a matched pair of Venue and Artist is only for one month, and the next month there will be a different Artist in a Venue.
  • Visual Artists should have at least 5 works to show.
  • Content of works and performances need to be family friendly.
  • Chosen Artists will be notified approximately 2 weeks before the event.
  • Artists should contact Venues to discuss space available, and any special circumstances that are at that particular Venue.
  • Art should be dropped off early in the week of the event, coordinating the time/date with the Venue's contact, and stay for 3 weeks.
  • Installation should happen Wednesday through Friday, coordinated with the Venue's contact.
  • Not all locations are blank walls to hang art for 3 weeks. In some situations, the art will be outside the front of the venue for just that night.
  • Don't assume you can put holes in the walls - plan accordingly. 
  • Artist should provide labels for all art work with Artist contact info, title, medium, date and price, plus a summary price sheet with contact info that potential buyers can take with them.
  • Artists should plan to be with their work the night of the event to answer questions and talk to the public.

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$25 for an individual event.  

$100 for a semi-annual membership.  

$200 for an annual membership.

Use the DONATE button to access PayPal.  When paying through PayPal please let us know specifically which event your donation is for.  Do this in the field marked...


Or write us a check and mail it to:

Oceanside Friends of the Arts

PO BOX 901

Oceanside, CA  92049


You can participate as an artist, venue, volunteer, vendor or donate to the cause!  To donate click on the DONATE button anywhere you see one.  Then you can access PayPal and make your donation.  

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Thank You to all our wonderful Partners and Sponsors!

Oceanside Art Walk is a great way to promote the local artist community and businesses by creating a unique marketing program using art.

We need the support of the entire community to keep this going as a free event!

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Volunteering with the Art Walk is a great way to support your community, and have fun! Here are some ways you can help:

Night of the Event Volunteer

  • distribute maps
  • sign people up for mailing list
  • track the number of people at a location
  • security where necessary

time commitment: est. 4 hours/mo - 5:30-9:30pm

Funding Lead

  • explore grant opportunities
  • nurture sponsorship program

time commitment: est. 10 hours/mo

Fundraising Event Planner

  • coordinate fundraising events: Expo, Concert on the Green

time commitment: est. 20 hrs/event

Volunteer Coordinator

  • contact volunteer organizations
  • meet up with volunteers and assign tasks
  • collect feedback forms from volunteers

time commitment: est. 8 hours/mo - 3 hrs during mo, 4 hrs night of event 5:30-9:30pm

Signage Wrangler

  • inspect signs for damage, and track location of each
  • make sure numbers are appropriate for that month
  • take signs to each venue on the afternoon of the event
  • arrange for signs to be picked up from, or stored at, the venue

time commitment: est. 4 hours/mo - 1 hr during mo, 2 hrs before event, 1 hr after event

Artist Host

  • assigned to info booth or venue the night of the event
  • able to discuss artists in the event (will be trained)

time commitment: est. 4 hrs/mo - 1 hr training, 3 hrs at event

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