Oceanside Friends of the Arts

Gives back to the Oceanside community through cultural events, scholarships and grants.


We are a non-profit organization, relying on dedicated volunteers. Would you like to get involved with our Art Walk?

First Friday Art Walk will be at Artist Alley in Oceanside. 5-9pm.

Join First Friday Art Walk by supporting our vibrant art community showcasing pop-up art galleries, custom jewelry, dance performances, live music and poetry.


Kenneth L Montgomery is the award-winning artist behind Fine Art Expressions, based in Oceanside, California.

His work has been on exhibition at the San Diego County Fair’s International Exhibition of Fine Art, The Lyceum Theatre Gallery as well as The Art Institute of California at San Diego. Kenneth has been involved in photography and digital artistry for well over two decades. His focus includes such subjects as animals, floral, seascapes, landscapes, abstract, cultural, historic, butterflies, and more. Each expression represents a culmination of Kenneth’s photographic vision and digital artistry style. His aim is for each expression to be a catalyst that brings about positive emotion, a feeling of relaxation or simply a feeling of enjoyment.

Kenneth’s full collection of Fine Art Expressions can be viewed on his website at www.FineArtExpressions.com and you can also follow his work on Instagram @FineArtExpressions

We are working hard to provide you the best experience possible. Artist Alley just keeps getting better and better with our new improvements.
— Susan Brown

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Oceanside Art Walk features local artists

Oceanside Independence Parade was 6/29/2019. Great fun.

In 2017,     Oceanside     was named one of fourteen     Cultural Art Districts     in the state of California

In 2017, Oceanside was named one of fourteen Cultural Art Districts in the state of California


Oceanside Friends of the Arts provides scholarships and grants to local high schools.


Art Walk Moments

Do you want to be featured in an Art Walk Moment?  Contact us and we'll set it up 

Sevin Jackson is originally from the Virgin Islands. He now lives in Oceanside, CA. He's considered a mega-talent in the Oceanside Art Scene.

A few of our artists. Click on the image to view larger format.

Oceanside Friends of the Arts is the proud producer of First Friday Art Walk.  Proceeds benefit Oceanside Friends of the Arts' commitment to enhance, encourage and support arts related activities for the Oceanside Community including scholarships for local students.  We are a nonprofit 501(c)3. Tax ID 81-2397930.