Jim McAdory

Jim McAdory


Local Artist from Vista.

My interest in photography began just after high school when I entered college as a Radio-Television-Film major however that direction was interrupted by a few years of military service.  My time in the military led to a change of interest as I was exposed to the magic of early mainframe computers which led to a career as a financial systems consultant/contractor designing, developing and implementing software systems for Fortune 100 size and smaller firms.

Much of my early career was spent on travel to client locations in major U.S. cities and a few not-so-major locations.  The opportunity to visit so many places and taste the beauty and uniqueness of each spurred my desire to travel even more. During this time I still had an interest in photography but found that film work to be frustratingly time-consuming for my hectic work schedule.  The digital revolution changed everything for me and I found myself quickly drawn to the emerging world digital cameras and PC based photo and video editing software. As my interest grew I immersed myself in not only learning the technical aspects of photography but also the artistic side and the immediate feedback offered by a digital camera was what I had missed in the days of film.


Today I am often asked how much of my travel is primarily for photography to which my answer is “none”.  All of my photographs are from trips where my primary reason for being there had little to do with what images I could capture, the photos are simply a way to share beautiful or interesting sights with others.

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